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Experienced responding to incidents of serious harm, including child abuse and other forms of sexual harm, in a restorative way. Versed in working with faith-based organizations who are responding to allegations of inappropriate behavior and abuse within their organizations. Years of experience with Circles of Support and Accountability and other re-entry restorative processes, including programs that address the demand side of human trafficking.

The organization has read and agree to abide by the Restorative Justice Facilitator Code of Conduct Standards: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Services statewide: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Training: Yes

Facilitation Services

Community Group Conferences
Victim Offender Dialogue
Victim Offender Conference
Hi-Impact Victim Offender Dialogue
Process addressing Shoplifting (e.g. ReStore)
Circle Processes (Please specify below)
Restorative Practices within Faith-Based Organizations

Training Services

Volunteer and Community Member Training
Restorative Justice 101 Awareness Training

Harm Addressed

Community conflict
Family harm/parenting
Crimes Against Persons
Property crimes
Violent Crimes
Victim Rights Act (VRA)

Who Can Make Refferals

Community Members
Faith-Based Organizations

Counties Served

All Counties

Service Location

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