Our Core Strategic Plan

Our Core Strategic Plan outlines three-to-five-year strategies for accomplishing our vision of integrating restorative values and practices across systems and communities in Colorado. It includes ideas about how to achieve both system-level and individual-level impacts through strengthening partnerships with stakeholders; increasing awareness of restorative practices; and improving access to RJ statewide.

When we have completed our work:

System-level stakeholders will be guided by restorative values; restorative practices will be the foundation of all system encounters; and all system-level stakeholders will be involved in addressing harm. (System-level Impact)

All people will have access to restorative practices. (Individual-level Impact)

We will shift system conditions that are blocking restorative practices from being fully realized by:

Inspiring systems in such a way that restorative practices are the established norm.

Influencing systems so that the availability of RJ is increasingly equitable across diversities and identities of those who have been harmed and of those who have harmed.

Creating system structures, networks, and shared metrics that enhance fidelity to practice.

Collaborating and enhancing communication networks to foster increased system connections

Our 3-5 Year Wins

Enhanced partnerships and collaboration

We will be a resource for RJ implementors, which includes having developed a structure for an increased dialogue across peers.

Increased awareness of restorative practices and shifts in issue framing

We will have helped shift the conversation so that RPs are viewed as a way to address harm in as many contexts as possible.

Enhanced access to RJ practices

We will help create a structure that allows for increased awareness of RJ as an option for victims, and that both victims and offenders are proactively provided with RJ resources.

Our 3-5 Year Strategies

Engage in Increased Marketing and Outreach

We are elevating practices through our website and other distribution channels. Additionally, we are placing increased attention on ensuring information reaches a broader audience.

Strengthen the Restorative Justice Network

We are supporting the RJ field so that it has the capacity to implement programs with fidelity. And we are fostering relationships and buy-in to support the work of RJ implementors.

Enhancing the RJ Council’s Capacity

We are identifying existing efforts to align with to maximize our capacity.

Increasing Focus on System Inequities

We are developing a plan to discern how diversity, equity, and inclusion integrate into restorative practices.

Ensuring Victim Centeredness Drives Restorative Practices

We are supporting specialized work groups to implement victim centeredness in RJ practices to ensure victim centeredness is not only a value but is integrated into all RPs.

Providing Support to the Education System to Implement RJ Practices

We are serving as a resource of tools and support for schools implementing RPs to help guide practice development and improvement.

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