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Leslye Taylor
Jo Buckley
Bilingual Restorative Youth Facilitator
Rachel Larsen
Restorative Justice Practitioner & Facilitator
Tamara Sherwood
Kevin Pugh
Dean of School Culture
Lisa Skoglund
Restorative Educator
Shelby Demby
Managing Director of Restorative Justice Education
Catherine Childs
Principal, Lead Trainer and Consultant
Liz Porter-Merrill
RJ facilitator/practitioner
Dana Henderson
Public Engagement Specialist
Jeannette Holtham
Founding President
Erica Lee
Restorative Justice Practice Educator + Facilitator
Jessica Goldberg
Facilitator & Trainer
Erin Siffing
Assistant Director of Diversion and Restorative Justice
Ames Stenson
Englewood Municipal Court Restorative Justice Program
Nelia Viveiros
Mediator, Facilitator & Coach
Deb Witzel
Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant
Wendy Huber
Mediator/ Trainer
Lynda McCullough
Restorative Justice Facilitator
Terry Taylor
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