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LCJP's Community Restorative Justice Programs and Training Institute have a 25 year history in Longmont, CO, engaging volunteers and community organizations to create a safer and more connected community. LCJP staff and volunteers have visited communities around this state and in Wyoming to share restorative practices training and to support implementation. Our major partnerships include Longmont Police and St. Vrain Valley Schools. Our vision for the coming years is to invite more people to join our learning community as restorative practitioners and to create more access points for restorative justice.

The organization has read and agree to abide by the Restorative Justice Facilitator Code of Conduct Standards: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Services statewide: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Training: Yes

Facilitation Services

Community Group Conferences
Process addressing Drinking (e.g. ReThinking Drinking)
Process addressing Substance Use (e.g. ReThinking Substances)
Process addressing Shoplifting (e.g. ReStore)
Circle Processes (Please specify below)
School-Based Restorative Practices
Restorative Theatre - Your Story, Your Power Youth Program

Training Services

Conference Facilitator Training
Circle Facilitator Training
Volunteer and Community Member Training
Restorative Justice 101 Awareness Training
School-Based Restorative Practices Training
Restorative Practices for School Resource Officers, Training with Youth, Restorative Mediation, Restorative Practices for Affordable Housing

Harm Addressed

Community conflict
Family harm/parenting
Racism/historical harm
Bias-motivated harm
Crimes Against Persons
Property crimes
Substance related offenses
Violent Crimes
Victim Rights Act (VRA)

Who Can Make Refferals

Community Members
School (K-12)
Law Enforcement
Defense Attorneys
Victim Advocates
Department of Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Faith-Based Organizations
LCJP is building capacity to make invitations to our community to address harms that have not been referred.

Counties Served


Service Location

528 Main St., Longmont, Colorado, 80501, United States

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