What We Do

Mission: To holistically resource and empower young people who are experiencing oppression, trauma, gang-involvement, or system-involvement so they can continue becoming the liberated individuals our communities need.

Fully Liberated Youth (FLY) has two programs, Community-Based Intervention Services and School-Based Intervention Services. Each program services youth experiencing gang-involvement and complex trauma. FLY provides, therapy (EMDR, individual, family, and substance use), mentorship, GED, and Case Management services. FLY's services are centered on healing and restorative practices that are culturally humble, asset-based, client-led, trauma informed, and focused on deep equity.

The organization has read and agree to abide by the Restorative Justice Facilitator Code of Conduct Standards: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Services statewide: No
The organization offers Restorative Justice Training: Yes

Facilitation Services

Community Group Conferences
Circle Processes (Please specify below)
School-Based Restorative Practices

Training Services

Circle Facilitator Training
School-Based Restorative Practices Training

Harm Addressed

Community conflict
Family harm/parenting
Racism/historical harm
Bias-motivated harm
Crimes Against Persons
Property crimes
Substance related offenses
Violent Crimes

Who Can Make Refferals

School (K-12)
Law Enforcement
Defense Attorneys
Department of Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Faith-Based Organizations

Counties Served


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