What We Do

Restorative Solutions Inc. is dedicated to inspiring and supporting schools, justice systems, and communities to embrace restorative community justice values, principles and practices.

Our services include, skills training in restorative practices, program development, program management, strategic planning and integration, partnership building, community development and team development.

Our trainers and consultants have assisted hundreds of organizations and communities nationally and internationally in finding ways to incorporate restorative justice values, principles and practices and to address the school to prison pipeline. Our work spans the full spectrum of prevention to intervention, incorporating equity and trauma-informed care practices.

We have been teaching restorative practices in schools for over 20 years and in the juvenile justice system for over 10 years. Our trainers have facilitated dozens of restorative justice conferences in numerous settings, including schools and the juvenile justice system.

The organization has read and agree to abide by the Restorative Justice Facilitator Code of Conduct Standards: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Services statewide: Yes
The organization offers Restorative Justice Training: Yes

Facilitation Services

Community Group Conferences
Family Group Conferences
Victim Offender Dialogue
Victim Offender Conference
Hi-Impact Victim Offender Dialogue
Family Group Decision Making
Process addressing Shoplifting (e.g. ReStore)
Circle Processes (Please specify below)
School-Based Restorative Practices
Restorative Community and Criminal Justice Program Development & Implementation

Training Services

Conference Facilitator Training
Circle Facilitator Training
Volunteer and Community Member Training
Restorative Justice 101 Awareness Training
School-Based Restorative Practices Training
Restorative Mediation, Active Implementation & Evaluation, Training of Trainers

Harm Addressed

Community conflict
Family harm/parenting
Racism/historical harm
Bias-motivated harm
Crimes Against Persons
Property crimes
Substance related offenses
Violent Crimes
Title IX incidents, Sexual harassment

Who Can Make Refferals

Community Members
School (K-12)
Law Enforcement
Defense Attorneys
Victim Advocates
Department of Corrections
Department of Youth Services
Department of Human Services
Faith-Based Organizations

Counties Served

All Counties

Service Location

659 Quince Circle, Boulder, Colorado, 80304, United States

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